We analyze your data, build, and manage custom reports so that you can have control over your metrics.

“One thing that made Jack Russell Marketing so good was that they genuinely listened. They are always looking for new solutions to improve our experience, which is brilliant.”

ROI Genome

Access intelligence from years of analysis and learning.

Maximize revenue

Identify and promptly fix funnel issues to save money.

Prevent Churn

Save more people. Identify and address the reasons why customers leave.

Acquire Smarter

Make marketing work by reducing customer acquisition costs through campaign monitoring.

Find Issues Before They Impact Revenue ​

Analyzing your data is critical to propelling your marketing forward. When you gain actionable insights about your marketing, you can make moves that help you increase leads, revenue, and sales. With the help of a marketing analytics agency like Jack Russell Marketing, you can have a team of professionals helping you uncover ways to improve your marketing.
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Insights to Reduce your Customer Acquisition Costs

Anomaly Detection

No need to sift through metrics, our anomaly detection will find unknowns in your data that is preventing your conversions or damaging retention.


Root Cause Analysis

We’ll enhance your website using the latest practices, making it easily discoverable online for maximum value to your prospects.

Continuous Forecasting

Quickly understand how your changes will affect your growth. Our forecasting will take in to account your seasonality and give you confidence in your decisions.


It’s like having another analyst working for you. We will deliver insights to you when and where you need it via email, Slack and Teams allowing your team all to be focused on what matters

Examples of Analytic Optimization

Create One Source of Truth

Jack Russell Marketing specializes in solving data problems for various industries and types of companies. Whether you’re an agency, a small business, or a large corporation, we have the perfect solution to support your growth and help you succeed.

Data / RevOps

Social Media


Performance Marketing


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